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About Us

Since its inception in 2000 hitbtc , Help the Children Hear has helped hundreds of hearing-impaired children in struggling communities of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

In the Beginning

In 1999 during a visit to her daughter, Amanda in the Youth Exchange Program abroad in Argentina, Kathy Abbiate met host father, Tony Muntaner whose commitment to his country’s children became the basis for Help the Children Hear (HTCH). Kathy like Tony was moved by the unparalleled number of children in the region who were unable to hear due to illness, genetic deficiencies and impoverished conditions. Mrs. Abbiate took Mr. Muntaner’s project proposal back to the US, where Dr. David Gurian, an audiologist, joined the cause.

Together, the three founders engaged the Rotary International network to create the 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. In its first five years HTCH delivered over 650 hearing aids to the children’s hospital in Tucuman, Argentina, Hospital del Ni“o Jesus and neighboring Argentine communities -- Santa Maria and the province of Mendoza. And it continues to do so.


At the dawn of the 21st Century, the founders of Help the Children Hear started what today continues to be a thriving organization. They have always focused their work on making a difference by helping children hear in order to learn, grow and live full lives.

Katherine W. Abbiate

Dr. David Gurian

Ricardo Tony Muntaner

Did you know?


  • New global estimates by the World Health Organization are that more than 360 million people in the world have disabling hearing loss. 32 million of them are children under the age of 15 in low- and middle-income countries
  • A child’s hearing aid lasts only one year as children outgrow the hearing aid mold.
  • Typical hearing aid batteries last between only two and four weeks.


  • Half of all cases of deafness and hearing impairment are avoidable through primary prevention.
  • 100’s of volunteers have participated in Help the Children Hear programs.
  • 1,000’s of hearing aids have been recycled through our Hearing Aid Recycling Program.

How We Work

Our vision and kucoin mission is to open doors to the hearing world for hearing-impaired children in emerging nations. HTCH helps these children achieve their potential by ending the cycle of illiteracy and poverty for them, providing hearing aids and learning tools.

The mission of Help the Children Hear is to provide hearing-impaired children access to hearing resources by:

  • Providing a supply of hearing aid products -- hearing aids and batteries
  • Sponsoring hearing aid clinics
  • Engaging audiologists to donate their services
  • Recycling old and unused hearing aids
  • Providing a supply of hearing aid products -- hearing aids and batteries
  • Offering ongoing developmental and educational support

We Can't Do It Alone

Our projects are made possible by generous volunteers – please Get Involved. It is through individuals like you, service organizations such as Rotarians and Kiwanians, volunteer audiologists, educators and caring sponsors that the HTCH vision and mission are realized.

HTCH volunteers collect hearing aids, conduct humanitarian hearing clinics, and champion the cause by:

  • Identifying the hearing needs of children living in impoverished conditions within emerging nations
  • Providing hearing resources by conducting hearing clinics and educational programs
  • Infusing new life into the pieces of old, broken hearing aids by recycling
  • Generating resources for hearing aid batteries and supplies


  • 1999* Co-founders meet and pledge to join forces
  • 2000* First hearing clinic in Hospital del Nino Jesus, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, organized by Dr. Paez
  • 2001* Became 501(C)(3) * Presented at the Rotary International Convention presenters, San Antonio, Texas
  • 2002* Ongoing foundation building
  • 2003* HTCH presents at Rotary International Convention in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2004* 150 additional hearing aids are brought to province of Mendoza, Argentina
  • 2005* 5th anniversary celebrated by providing 500 hearing aids to communities in Argentina
  • 2006-08* Promoted the mission through service organizations
  • 2009* Volunteers participate in hearing clinic in Santiago, Dominican Republic. * Transportation services provided for children and families receiving hearing aids. * Hundreds of children received hearing aids
  • 2010 – 2011* 2011 Developed plans for upcoming global efforts
  • 2012* Hearing aids provided to communities in Manila, Philippines
  • 2013* Launched new website to promote mission. * Hearing Aid Recycling Program expanded. * First Internship Program. Launched Scholarship Program. * Conduct Hearing Aid Clinic in Haiti
  • 2014* Plan for nationwide expansion of hearing aid recycling program. * Establish a hearing aid clinic in San Pedro, Dominican Republic

Where Help the Children Hear Works

We recognize, evaluate, and treat hearing loss at an early developmental stage and operate a hearing aid recycling program and conduct hearing clinics located in South America and the Caribbean Islands.

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • The Dominican Republic
  • The Philippines
  • Haiti (2013)


The Board of Directors is the governing body of Help the Children Hear.

Board of Directors

Diana Krajewski President & Executive Director
Amanda Abbiate Treasurer & Director of Global Development
Danielle Abbiate Director of Marketing & Promotions
Dr. Robbi Hershorn, Audiologist Board Secretary

Board Members

David Gurian
John Hauck
John Maxman
Anna Mahoney VanWettering

You Can Help

Individuals and organizations poloniex are encouraged to be a part of Help the Children Hear, and there are several ways for you to get involved and help. We need you to share information about the mission of Help the Children Hear. Your involvement is deeply appreciated.

Your time, commitment and passion are the driving force behind helping the children hear.

Volunteer as an Individual or a Group; Volunteer at Home or Abroad

  • Volunteer for a HTCH International Hearing Aid Clinic
  • Start a Help the Children Hear project
  • Sponsor a Hearing Aid Clinic
  • Host a Help the Children Hear program or fundraiser for your community, Club or organization
  • Collect old, used or new, unused hearing aids in any condition
  • Provide and/or use Hearing Aid Donation Box
  • Mail hearing aids to:
    Help the Children Hear
    PO Box 171
    Blairstown, NJ 07825
  • Make financial donations directly to Help The Children Hear.

Scholarships, Internships, Leadership


Help the Children Hear offers these scholarships to assist students in the United States as they pursue degrees in the hearing and speech professions. Contact us for a scholarship application.

  • The Katherine Abbiate Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student of high academic achievement and financial need studying speech pathology/therapy.
  • The Dr. Paez Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduate Audiology student of high academic achievement and financial need.


Internships are available for students and professionals within the various departments of a non-profit organization. Students of junior-year college level or above, recent graduates, graduate students, postgraduates, and mature professionals are eligible. For further information please contact us.


We are always looking to expand our members who bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of governing Help the Children Hear. If you would like to be considered for a position as a board member, committee member or as staff, contact us.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Thank you for sharing in our dream to create a world where all children can hear and participate fully in their communities and fulfill their potential to learn and grow.

Your donation, of any amount, is deeply appreciated. The generosity of Help the Children Hear supporters makes everything we do possible. Nothing is possible without you.

Make a Donation

Your Donation is Tax Deductable

Help the Children Hear is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.

The HTCH Federal ID is insert number 22-3768805.


HTCH Mailing Address

You can send mail to:

Help the Children Hear
P.O. Box 171
Blairstown, NJ 07825